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DETOX is a blend of herbs that help read your lungs your kidneys your blood of toxins. This blend is good if you have digestive issues.

  • Kidney congestion
  • Liver congestion
  • Constipation
  • Increase the flow of urine

1 tsp or sachet

1 cup of boiling water

Steep 15-20 min

Drink as needed either time of day that is best for you. May take up to 4 hrs to work.

You can get up to 3 cups to drink out of 1 tsp.

DANDELION ROOT – Better, blood purifier, diuretic, laxative

BURDOCK ROOT– Liver purifier, promote kidney function, increase the flow of urine, blood cleanser, constipation

MILK THISTLE SEED– Slightly better, protect the liver and rejuvenates it, stimulates the liver, kidney congestion

GINGER ROOT – prevents the liver from destroying herbal compounds and help them to continue circulating in the blood for a longer time

RED CLOVER – Digestive, blood cleanser, blood purifier, appetite suppressant, constipation