But Tasharri Why Tea?

Hi, I am Tasharri or you can call me Starr the creator behind Starr Botanical Sips. People have asked me what or why tea. Tea is the way of life, at least for me it is! I have up to 3 cups every morning and do the same at night, yup that’s right every day; even in the summertime! I tell people some of your best thoughts and ideas come to mind during a nice cup of tea.  Some of my best conversations happened over a cup of tea.

I remember as a child I would have tea almost every night with my grandmother. Her cabinet was full of all types and flavors of tea.  There was tea for any situation! My grandmother still drinks tea and has a cabinet full of tea. Safe to say, I got my love for tea from her! Being a Certified Master Herbalist, I am aware of the POWER of herbs, especially in herbal tea. I wanted to offer something beneficial to the world. You don’t have to be the healthiest person, but just simply care about your health. There are so many benefits in my tea, besides, there is not one problem a cup of tea can not solve! So here we are, Starr Botanical Sips… some real tea you wouldn’t want to spill. Enjoy!


Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served


SBS mission is to provide my customers with safe herbal sips. Every sip is 100% Organic, with all-natural ingredients. I will always provide sips that cater to your soul and awaken senses with its natural aroma, favorable taste, and health benefits. SBS promise to provide a 100% quality experience and tea!

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Look at your herbs after sitting in hot water.  There’s no herbal dust…

Just all fresh real organic herbs.

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